Virtual reality

Virtual reality

TanSoft strives to find innovative ways to deliver the best results for its clients. The Research and Development department specifically concentrates on content for Virtual Realty (VR). VR takes any 2D/3D environment and gives it life. It places the viewer in the center with an ability to walk and look in any direction with the added bonus of being able to interact with items in the VR environment. With this type of freedom one is able to visualize ideas, tutorials, products and more in an immersive way allowing for a deeper understanding.

Virtual reality

3D Modeling and Animation

Although Virtual Reality was conceived years ago it has not been commercially available until recently. VR technology is backed by major companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Facebook. The process is similar to any other creative pipeline - gathering information of the project, creating storyboards, developing 3D models, while keeping the client up to date with the progress. In pursuance of presenting the product in the best possible way, TanSoft utilizes HTC Vive I platform (unreal engine), the most advanced tool there is for Virtual Reality. Finally, TanSoft exports models into the engine - a program that allows us to create the environment, attach a headset and set up the environment ready to be used with a VR headset.

Field of work

- Research

- Planning

- Drawing

- Modeling

- Importing into real engine

- Testing