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Huni website

Huni website is representing new approach to the web presentation in tannery industry. Showing 3D models of all types of a drum in 360 view Huni is able to show all the details from inside and outside configuration of the drums.





Old Website

After detailed analyse of Huni website we have found many things that are not up to date with present technology and UX and UI. 

360 drum view and Inside configuration

Like outside configuration very important part of Huni drums is inside part of the drum. Regarding that we wanted to show inside configuration because it play a big role in tannery industry and it show us what type of the drum is and what size it is.

Final Layout

Based on clients breaf and corespondence we have final layout of Huni website. The goal was to present drums on the best possible way from all the sizes as well as inside configuration of it. Mobile and tablet version are adopted and it easy tu use on any type of device.