Product page Digifolio


Digifolio is offline web based app. It is presentation and learning tool that helps company in promotion and sales. Also it is very usefull tool for learning and getting to know the company. In order to use digifolio you don't need a huge knowledge of it, it is very easy and intuitive for usage. Digifolio helps sales because it has all possible information about company and sales arguments in one place.






Challange was to make digital presentation aplication instead of using traditional presentation tools like ppt. Information flow was not dinamic and up to date, so we improved data flow in order to make it easy to use and attractive. We also did big upgrade on user interface.

Mobile app

We created new digifolio responsive and because we live in era of mobile phones, mobile app was inavitable. Now, digifolio can be used both in office and also on the move.

Process animation

Digifolio is not only based on image and text, but also it has involved animation in it. We wanted to make it more dinamic by using new approach of showing animated and interactive process of production.