Presentation – to some, the most important part of the project. TanSoft can create a classical presentation by clients’ choice however has the ability to also create a state- of the-art digital portfolio for your company that will stand out. Digifolio allows for easy navigation, but most importantly it transfers to every platform, to accommodate your target audience in every domain.


Digifolio Design and Development

A perfect Digifolio is created in a continuous communication with client's project directors, making sure every detail is in its place, through all the phases of its development. Forget about boring PowerPoint™ presentations, this is the New Age, and with that, comes a new way to present YOU. Because of its easy navigation and UX, digifolio can also be utilized as a learning and informative tool. Let your costumers or business associates discover your product in a practical, modern and user friendly way.

Field of work

- UI/UX design

- Visual design

- Responsive

- Mobile application

- Planning

- Researching

- Communication

- Integration

- Optimization

- Adaptation